“David Rodgers is fearless, and as captivating and magnetic as a witch doctor. But instead of an accompanying power madness, he possesses your attention with a kind of alluring absurdity. He is a walking TV show that would never be allowed to broadcast. Not because of any kind of coarse or bawdy content, but rather because it would create more chaos than Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds”. We all know that the Germans love Hasslehoff like the French appreciate Jerry Lewis, but Rodgers makes me re-think life; not life on other planets, but rather as life shaping itself in the ether, in the atmosphere. Spontaneous animation, but not. That doesn’t make sense, but that is precisely the point. He does not make sense as a life form. Of course he’s eccentric, of course you wish you could be him at times, of course he has a wall of stacked suitcases in his apartment, but the goddamn point is he’s vastly more sane than most, without being sane at all. I know you’re sane, but this guy reconciles sanity with being committed. Rodgers, simply put, is the walking, talking, nearly comprehensible truth. This is what I’m getting at: Dave Rodgers could do anything he wanted, and yet he chooses to enlighten you by confounding you. And he does so because for the most part we really don’t have the slightest idea of how to go about being crazy and thoroughly sane (or sane enough), at the same time. I strive for it, but of course I HAVE to give up; which is to say, I give up on sanity, but I don’t embrace insanity…. He’s a performance artist. And for that I do thank god.”
-J. Parker Cross, Writer and Filmmaker,